Leaked photos of the Sony Nex 3N

The upcoming Sony Nex 3N looks to be quite the contender in the consumer focused entry level mirrorless camera segment. Compact design, built-in flash and the compact power zoom from the higher-end Nex 6 from 2012. The Nex 3N will probably share sensor with the 2012 Nexes as well, which should make the Nex 3N a very capable camera in terms of image quality. Hopefully, the Nex 3N will include a touchscreen (touch to focus is a killer feature) which was missing from the Nex 3F, the entry level Nex camera from 2012. Maybe we can even hope for some embedded Wi-Fi. It is 2013 after all. These above pics don’t reveal any Wi-Fi symbols, but the Nex 6 has its Wi-Fi sticker on the side.

Source: Digicame-info via Petapixel