The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Android lag

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is here. It looks kind of great. This is a little disturbing though: 

From This Is My Next…it unfortunately remains the case that Android isn’t as swift and responsive as iOS or Windows Phone (or even MeeGo Harmattan on the N9). Or at least it wasn’t on the demo phone we got a look at. The subtle, pervasive lag that has characterized the Android UI since it inception is still there…

The Android lag. I’ve written about it before. Why can’t someone just nail it. It’s like with Windows notebook trackpads. I put up with them, instead of enjoying them. That’s how we interact with the device, so start with nailing the input experience. Then you can think about all that other stuff. But again, the Nexus looks great enough to maybe sacrifice the touch responsiveness. But we shouldn’t have to.

I DO like that this year’s nexus-phone raised the bar in Android land. 720p screen and a brand new operating system. Last year’s Nexus S was just “another” Android phone.